Omri Amrany

Entering the third millennium as a primarily self-taught artist, Omri is grateful to have collaborated with so many people around the world in his quest to develop the highest level of skill possible.  In this journey, he has become convinced we think too much about the past and not enough about the future. We have enormous problems to solve and we need to employ a world view that can solve them. We cannot work in isolation. In time, he has explored new techniques and media, such as electroforming and white bronze, while utilizing fractal geometry and his coined technique of ‘sculptural montage’ to reflect the increasing diversity in our world.  This approach allows him to blend cultures, philosophies, elements, and dimensions.  He aims to focus on both the micro and the macro in his work, and to always keep an optimistic perspective.

Born and raised in a small town in northern Israel, Omri had humble upbringings which are a summary of his true character. Amrany served as a paratrooper in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) which left him mildly cynical, yet ignited a passion to define his values and integrate them into his life, his art, and his society.

After opening the Rotblatt-Amrany Studio with his wife Julie in 1992, Amrany’s long-standing fascination with quantum physics and fractal math has also impacted his art in a variety of ways, from the design of silk wall tapestries to the fractal-designed master plan and landscape of the 9-acre Veterans Memorial Park in Munster, Indiana. The park opened in 2004, an array of works by Omri and Julie Rotblatt-Amrany that included seventeen bronze sculptures, three bas reliefs, fourteen laser-engraved granite panels, and eight installations.

Omri says, if on his last day on this Earth he knows that he has added a link to the chain of knowledge of our society, then he will have achieved his life’s work. Belief in testing the limits of experience, seeking the cutting edge, and pushing the envelope is his drive. He affirms the responsibility of an Artist is to expand the vision of our society and work to ensure the future of the universe.