Ryan Hoffmann 

Ryan Hoffman’s elegant sculptures may very well look like something you’ve never seen before. “My art is an attempt to grasp the elusive and ephemeral. It is an everyday practice that attempts to re-create phantoms. The material elements in my work are not accorded solely an object character, but as instruments, serve a function. Layers of molded paint form paraboloidal shapes that protrude from the wall; voids, reflections and acoustic reverberations are experienced anew by each individual who interacts with the work. The works become autonomous.” His catalogue is extensive, and can be found in luxury homes across the world and in his native Australia.  

Time, date and location-based titles and catalogue numbers reference a position of work within a larger series, presenting a system for recording my life and gesture as an artist.

The process is a transition, a dislocation, where personal experience of landscape and time are represented through process. The remnants of this gesture are passive objects representing time, space, light and life.